Welcome to the website of the Lancashire Association of Cricket Officials (L.A.C.O)

Additions to our website:

Visit our CPD page to see our latest Module on Law 42 (Player Behaviour)and Links to “Runwktsovers” You Tube site with lots of good CPD for Scorers

Our aim is to promote the training, development and interests of Umpires and Scorers in Lancashire by: 

·         Delivery of training, assessment and support for the personal development of umpires and scorers who are members of ECB ACO

·         Increase membership of ECB ACO within Lancashire through training, information and regular communication

·         Represent the views of Umpires and Scorers in Lancashire to the LCF or the ECB ACO Board; and

·         Promote the status and standards of umpiring and scoring within Lancashire

If you are interested in joining us just click on the above link “How to Become a Cricket Official” and we will explain “Everything you ever wanted to know about becoming a Cricket Official but were afraid to ask”