Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Lancashire ACO have produced a series of CPD presentations which may be used by tutors for face to face presentations without the commentary or by individuals with full commentary as an on line resource. These modules will be updated over time. If you have a request for a specific topic to be covered just let us know and we will try to cover the area in a future release.

For on line use, you can access the presentations by clicking on the links below. If you have any difficulties running these presentations in Microsoft Internet Explorer then use Google Chrome which can be downloaded for free:

In addition to these CPD modules, ECB ACO also have a number of CPD modules, these can be accessed via the following links:

For Scorers there is an excellent “YouTube” channel that provides lots of excellent CPD material. Called “RunsWktsOvers” it can be accessed by the following link and is well worth a look: